Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bluetooth Headsets for Seniors and the Hearing Impaired

A number of seniors users have less than perfect hearing so they need a handset with loud tones to communicate effectively. However, some find that using a Bluetooth headset can also be a remedy for the challenges of weak hearing while operating a cell phone.

Let's look at some Bluetooth headsets that can be of service to senior mobile phone users and the hearing impaired.

Sound ID 510: This device offers noise canceling, A2DP, multipoint connectivity, and voice prompts. It can even act like a hearing aid when paired with the EarPrint app. This application allows users to fine-tune incoming audio by adjusting the volume and the tone.

Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus: This Bluetooth headset offer good audio quality and wind noise reduction. It's features include a dedicated power switch, a volume rocker, a swiveling boom mic, multipoint, A2DP streaming, and voice alerts.

BlueAnt Q2: This headset features A2DP streaming, multipoint connectivity, and great sound quality. The Q2 also comes with a voice control interface that includes text-to-speech and access to Bing-411 services.

These devices are just a few of the Bluetooth headsets for seniors and the hearing impaired. If you want to explore your options, then do a bit of research on the web. I'm sure you'll find other great examples of headsets for seniors and the hearing impaired.

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