Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Emporia TALK Premium Cell Phone for the Elderly

I dropped by at the Emporia website to check out any new updates on the Elegance and Solid mobile phones for seniors. I eneded up checking their other products and found a few more great cell phones for senior citizens.

Here's anther ultra simple but useful mobile phones form the makers of the Life phone. The Emporia TALK Premium is all about two things, calls and SMS. Yes, it's that simple. No confusing and sophisticated on this senior-frindly phone.

This handset is very basic so one only needs a few hours to master it. This handset doesn't even have a menu. All the functions on the Emporia TALK Premium mobile phone for seniors are controlled by the side buttons.

How about special features for seniors? Well, you have the large, easy to read text on wide display. The fonts can be altered to cater to the eyes of vision imparied users.

The Emporia TALK Premium also offers a nice friendly keypad with big buttons with excellent pressure point.

That's it for this quick look at this simple mobile phone for senior citizens from Emporia. Check out their products if you want to get something for a senior. And, of course, visit often for more phones and news for the elderly.

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