Monday, April 26, 2010

Pre-paid Cell Phones for Seniors

Pay-as-you go phones or pre-paid handsets appear to be suited for the needs of senior users. These handsets are meant for occasional users and as cheap alternatives for contract mobile phones.

Pay-as-you go phones or pre-paid handsets may not be advanced as the latest phones that one can purchase on contract, they can be ideal for the situation of elderly consumers. These cheap mobile phones for senior citizens are often easy to use and offer reliable service at a very economical price.

Most seniors do use mobile phones regularly so a contract deal with a monthly charge will not fit their lifestyle or fixed income budget. Pre-paid handset provide flexibility and low rates for seniors.

Nicholas P. Sullivan, a researcher, stated that,
Clearly, the often high cost of post-paid (also known as contract) cell phones is a
major stumbling block for older Americans and the parents of older
children. That means prepaid cell phones are going to be the most logical
way for millions of older Americans to live safer.”

Most of the phones I featured in this blog are pre-paid phones. The Jitterbug J is a good example of a prepaid handset that is ideal for seniors. They are bought at a low full price and service depends on the consumer.

There are plenty of pre-paid carriers that offer cheap solutions for the elderly like, Jitterbug, Net10, Tracfone, Cricket, Consumer Cellular, and others...

A typical prepaid-deal includes the full price, an activation cost and service can be for a fixed price and minutes or via prepaid cards.

That's it for this post on pre-paid cell phones for the elderly. Visit often to get more information on services and cell phones for senior citizens.

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Blogger Unknown said...

As a Grandmother I was thrilled to receive a Net10 phone from my son as a gift! It's a Nokia 1600 and so simple to use as I would be bemused by too many instructions!! My calls cost 10c per minute and I get lots of texts from the grand kids at 5c each which I love as they text far more often than they used to call AND they give me much more news of what they are doing! I think modern kids are shy to talk!

April 27, 2010 at 5:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I completely agree with your review here. Not only are prepaid options great for the elderly but also kids. Parents and adult children of elderly parents worry about their loved ones, wishing for a cost effective way to contact them in an emergency. Of the prepaid options out there the best fit I've found is with Net10, their clear call and text rates and simple but functional phones suit my needs perfectly, now if I could only get my gran to use one :)

April 27, 2010 at 1:42 PM  

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