Monday, November 23, 2009

Nokia 6131: A Senior-Friendly Cell Phone

I scoured the web for new mobile phones to feature in this blog and explored some of the online forums dedicated to handsets. In one of them, a poster was asking for information on the best phone for his Dad.

The Nokia 6131 was included among the suggestions which piqued my curiosity to know more about this phone. Let's see if the handset will be suitable for elderly users.

The reviews featuring the Nokia 6131 gave me the impression that it will be a solid cellphone for seniors.

For instance, they indicate that it's a simple with a few advanced features. Well, simple is always good for senior citizens since they have no use for fancy features like web browsers or Wi-Fi. Simplicity is an attribute that should aways be present in a handset for the elderly.

The display on the device is also solid. It's large enough at 2.2 inches to be used by seniors. It's also vibrant and bright with 16.7 million colors so it has a screen that should be featured on a mobile phone for seniors.

The Nokia 6131 is equipped with a large internal keypad for ease of use. Large buttons is a requirement for any cell phone for senior citizens.

This mobile phone comes with the basic tools to be a good handset for the elderly. However, it also brings a few extras that are not found on basic phones. It offers e-mail support, microSD expandable memory and a camera. None of these are essential for the elderly but it's nice to have them as well.

That's it f0or this new addition to the list of cell phones for seniors featured in this blog. Tune in next time for more handsets and news.

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Blogger William said...

I was the one who posted about finding a phone for his dad. Over a year later and i'm still looking... hahaha. I find that the screen on this phone is too small.

December 30, 2009 at 12:10 AM  

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