Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motorola W259: a Simple and Affordable Cell Phone for Seniors

Here's a new phone that might suit the needs of senior users. The Motorola W259 is a cheap and basic cell phone that some senior citizens might find to be suitable for their needs. Let's delve into the qualities of this handset.

I'd say that the price is the most attractive quality of the Motorola W259. It's offered for free over at Consumer Cellular after a $35.00 activation fee. Seniors do not have a steady source of income so a free handsets fits their budget.

The Motorola W259 is a no frills, easy to use cell phone for seniors. Learning how to use it is a breeze and it's uncomplicated. A basic clamshell with simple functions, menu and interface.

The hardware on this device also marks it as a good mobile phone for senior citizens. The W259 has a large display, large keys and a robust body.

The features of this cellphone for seniors also favor the elderly. It has hearing aid compatibility, speakerphone and plenty of memory. It also comes with a good battery that can power the phone for hours talk time 9 hours/18 days standby.

The facts and figures leads me to believe that this handset is a good cell phone for seniors. It comes at a great price and possess all of the good qualities. But you might want to hustle if you want this handset. Motorola W259 units are limited to stock on hand and may not be available in all areas.

That's it for this new mobile phone for seniors. Tune in to this blog to get the latest news and updates on device and services for the elderly.

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