Friday, June 26, 2009

Cell Phones for Arthritic Seniors

I was surfing the web foe news and updates on cell phones for seniors when I stumbled upon an interesting blog post. Russel Shaw of ZDNet.Com wrote about an interesting experience while spending a Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the home of a senior citizen with arthritic hands.

Shaw narrated that the elderly lady's daughter and brother-in-law signed her up for a cell phone plan, and bought her a cell phone. After exploring her new cell phone, the senior made an interesting comment. She said:
“Don’t the people who make these cellphones realize that these tiny keys are very difficult for older users with arthritic hands?”
This experience led ZDNet blogger to emphasized the need for larger-keyed cellphones for arthritis sufferers. Clearly, there is a need for large button cell phones for seniors.

Well, I made a post on large button cell phones for seniors last month. I gave some examples of handsets that would be ideal cell phones for arthritic seniors. These handsets have wide keypads with large buttons.

I pointed out that the Jitterbug, UTStarcom Coupe 8630, and Sanyo SCP 7050 are good choices for mobile phones for the elderly because of their special buttons and keypad. There is no doubt that these phones will be useful for a senior citizen suffering from arthritis.

One of the visitors also suggested that the Nokia 6085h from Consumer Cellular also sports a large keypad. It is also important to mention that Consumer Cellular offers inexpensive plans for casual users beginning at just $10 a month.

There are cellphones for arthritic seniors in the market but they are few in number. With the exception of the Jitterbug J, no other large button cell phones for seniors have been released. This probably due to the fact that manufacturers are paying more attention to younger users.

That's it for this post on large button cell phones for seniors suffering from arthritis. Tune in to this blog for more news and updates on mobile phones for senor citizens.

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Blogger Unknown said...

You're right about the need for simple cell phones, but wrong about the fact that many European companies have brought interesting solutions to the market. You should go and check (French), (Swedish) and (Austrian). Those solutions seem to be quite effective, especially the one by Bazile, a unique button cellphone : revolutionnary French !

July 8, 2009 at 3:10 AM  

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