Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Verizon Wireless Cell Phones for Seniors in the First Half of 2012

Verizon Wireless offers a very impressive line-up that includes the most popular and powerful smartphones in the US. However, this carrier also offer simple and affordable cell phones that are suitable for elderly users. These devices are designed to be cheap and easy-to-use for consumers who only want the basic features on their phones.

Now, carriers change their line-ups regularly to add new phones and retire handsets that need to be replaced to make way for new handsets. Currently, Verizon Wireless offers a few cell phones that we consider to be fit for senior citizens. We have featured them in our blog but we want to present an updated list of senior-friendly phones that are currently available on Verizon's line-up.

Here are the mobile phones for seniors that Verizon Wireless classify under "Basic Phones":
The prices for these phones are the current offers as this article was published. There are more phones in Verizon's Basic Phones line-up but they are meant for messaging and entertainment.

The phones listed above are linked to our featured blogpost where we take a closer look at the features and attributes that make them ideal for seniors.

Verizon Wireless already offers a senior-friendly cell phone plan (65Plus), which would work well when paired with any of these devices.

So what do you think about the list? Should Verizon offer more simple phones in its line-up? Should it offer the phones at a cheaper price?

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