Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Talking with Grandparents via Cell Phones

We have featured a number of cell phones for the elderly in this blog so we figured its time for a post that will warm your hearts. I ran into a few videos while looking for new phones to feature so I thought I should post them here.

These clips feature cute videos of grandchildren trying to communicate with their grandparents via a mobile phone. I know that talking with grand kids and other family members is one of the most enjoyable moments for a senior citizen. So here are the videos showing cute kids talking with their beloved grandmas and grandads on the cell phone. I hope you enjoy them:

Here is baby Ella gets a call on speakerphone from her proud Sheets Grandparents from South Carolina:

And here's a video of young Annabelle talking on the cell phone to her grandmother in Lancaster, CA:

Enjoy this clip of another young girl giving grandpa a call:

Here is a young boy calling Grandma Bea on a BlackBerry:

We hope you enjoy these videos. You can find plenty of them on YouTube and other video websites.

Stay tuned to this blog every week as we feature more phones and other topics related to mobile phones for grandparents.

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