Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Affordable LG101 from Virgin Mobile

Phones from prepaid carriers like Virgin Mobile are often ideal for senior citizens because they are usually simple devices with easy-to-reaches price tags. We have featured a few phones from Virgin Mobile and it's about time to look at  another cheap prepaid phone from this company.

This time we will examine a bar style phone called the LG 101. We have looked at a number of flip style phones and a different design should provide a bit of variation for folks who are trying to find a phone that will fit their tastes.

First let us look at the price for this phone and see if it is indeed accessible for the elderly who have limited source of income. At the time this post was published, the LG101 cost $14.99 without any contracts. This price includes free shipping, free activation and a 30 day guarantee.

So what about the plans? Well,. Virgin mobile has plenty of cheap ones with enough minutes that can cover a senior's normal monthly consumption. For example, the $20 talk plan provides 400 minutes per month.

Now let's take a closer look at the device itself. We'll begin with the design. The LG 101 sports a candy bar-shaped body with glossy and black plastics. Admittedly, the color screen is a bit small at just 1.5-inches with 128-by-128-pixel resolution. with an affordable price its hard to put too much expectation on this phone specs-wise.

Fortunately, the navigation features of this phone makes up for its lack of display size. It offers a five-way control pad with six raised function keys and rectangular, raised plastic number buttons on its keypad. The design makes it easy to dial numbers and users can make a call quickly using one hand.

Some of the senior-friendly features offered by this phone include a speakerphone and a 800mAh battery with decent life. Voice quality on this device was also decent. The features are very limited but that's part of the simplicity that makes it ideal for seniors.

Here are some videos and images of this device to give you a closer look:


That's it for this post on a Virgin Mobile phone for seniors. Visit us regularly for more phones that are ideal for the elderly.

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