Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LiveNurse Service for iPhone Now Available on iTunes

GreatCall has recently brought its senior-friendly applications to a wider audience by making in available on Apple's iTunes store. These apps are no longer just limited to its Jitterbug phones line-up as they are now available to iPhone users.

Now, the iPhone is not a good device for the elderly in my opinion. It is too expensive and lacks the proper hardware (large physical buttons, keypad, etc,..) to be a good fit for senior citizens. However, I try to avoid the assumption that all seniors cannot use the iPhone. I sure that there are a lot of tech-savvy folks who are 65 or older that are using Apple's smartphone. This handset has an easy-to-use interface and the elderly can learn its basic functions in a short time.

Now let's get back to the new GreatCall apps for iTunes. The LiveNurse Service is a health and wellness app that provides access to registered nurses. It can also provide users with valuable health information, medical advice and care options. We have already featured a version of this app as a service for the elderly.

So does this new app have any new features? Well, the LiveNurse Service for the iPhone comes with health information provided by the award-winning A.D.A.M. (a Division of Ebix, Inc (NASDAQ:EBIX) Medical Encyclopedia. It also comes with the Interactive Symptom Checker tool that allows users to identify symptoms and possible causes/ This useful tool also enables users to determine  when to self-treat and when to contact a medical professional.

This cell phone for seniors service also comes with the cool Shake for Help tool. It is designed to ensure that users always get an answer when they need one. They simple need to shake the phone at any time and information will appear via a help “bubble” on screen specific to the topic being read.

The  LiveNurse Service for iPhone is now variable at the iTunes store for $3.99 per month.

What do you think? Can this app help senior users of the iPhone?

Stay tuned as we feature more service on cell phones for seniors.


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