Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is Nokia's Cheapest Cell Phone Ideal for Seniors?

Nokia recently announce a device that it declares as its "most affordable handset." The new Nokia 103 was announced with a price of only $21 (16 euro) before taxes making it one of the most affordable cell phones in the market and in history.

A low price is one of the traits that makes a cell phone suitable for the elderly and with its affordable price does the Nokia 103 make a good mobile phone for seniors?

Well, first let me explain why this handset is offered at a very cheap price. Well, one look at the Nokia 103 will tell you that it's an affordable device. The phone looks like it was introduced a decade ago. This device basically trims its features to the most essential that are needed by users who simply want to talk and send email messages.

This device fits the needs of seniors because it focuses on the basic and most important functions like making and taking calls. Senior citizens do not demand a lot from their phones so this device seems like a good fit. The elderly does not usually need features like Bluetooth, email, 4G, or a media player hat increases a phone's price.

Here's some images to give you a nice look at this super cheap phone:

The phone's display is a bit small but the buttons look nice and large. This phone also include a few modern touches especially on the hardware. The 103 sports a durable anti-scratch cover that should protect it from drop and bruises. It is also equipped with long-lasting battery with a talk time of up to 11 hours.

Here's a short list of the features for this phone:.
  • built-in flashlight
  • FM radio
  • speaking clock
  • MP3 grade ringtones

The Nokia 103 is clearly a good phone for seniors. However, I'm not sure if any US carrier will pick it up. Let's hope that US consumers can get it from online retailers.

That is it for this post on the cheapest cell phone as a handset for the elderly. stay tuned for more post on affordable mobile phones for seniors.

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