Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Change Your Android Smartphone into a Cell phone for Seniors

We have blogged a few times on the possibilities of Android smartphones for seniors entering the US market. However,it was recently  brought to our attention that some existing Android phone can actually be transformed into a simple phone that can be easily used by the elderly.

This can be made possible via an application called Phonotto. Simple install this app on your Android phone and you will have a device that is suitable for the elderly.

This application  is being advertised as a "Simple Phone for Seniors Android App".

It's basically an application  that aims to convert a smartphone in the simplest phone for seniors. It provides an interface that features a chunky, simple design with large buttons for easy phoning and texting. Here's an image of the buttons that Phonotto provides:

But that's not all. This app also provides other ways to make an Android smartphone easier to use for consumers who have weak eyesight. For example, the large home screen is optimized for elderly people and people with weak vision.

Users will have no problem with learning how to use this app because it has a simple wizard for sending SMS  and it automatically loads on startup.

Here are more images of the  Phonotto app and its easy-to-use interface:

And here's a  video that illustrates how to install this app and how it can be used:

What do you think of this app? Do you think it can be useful? Well, I think this provides a way for old Android phones to be recycled by being handed down to seniors or donated to programs that provide phones for the elderly. Since the app makes a smartphone manageable for seniors, it widens the options of senior citizens who are looking for a phone.

Stay tuned for more post and features on the apps, services and mobile phones for seniors.

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