Monday, January 16, 2012

GreatCall Phones, Devices, and Services for Seniors Showcased at CES 2012

Emporia showed off its new cell phones for seniors at the recent CES 2012 show. However, they did not have the monopoly of showcasing senior-friendly products at the show. Not to be outdone, GreatCall also has some exhibits at the show. Let's look at the devices that were unveiled for consumers at the recently concluded event.

GreatCall's exhibit centered around the 5Star Responder. It's not a cell phone though so I won't dwell too long on this gadget. It may not be able to make calls but the responder can be very useful for the elderly. This device provides location tracking, and one-button access to the 5-Star Urgent Response service.
This useful gadget cost $50 up front, and $15/month. It's an option for consumers who want the 5-Star service for emergencies, and not a full phone service from GreatCall.

Here's a video that previews this device:

GreatCall also took advantage of CES 2012 to show off some of its iOS apps for the iPhone. But wait. Do seniors own iPhones? Well, this Apple smartphone is one of the top notched mobile devices with all the fancy features. It's overall design is not suited for the elderly since it has no physical buttons. However, it has an easy-to-use user interface and the large and sharp screen is ideal for seniors with weak eyes.

Of course, we should underestimate the ability of seniors to handle a device like the iPhone. There are some tech-savvy folks who are at the age of 65 or older. And if they can afford this premium device then they should be allowed to enjoy the senior-friendly iOS apps from Great Call.

So what are the mobile apps for seniors that we showcased at the show? Well, we have featured some of them already and they are also available on the Jitterbug J.

There's the 5Star Urgent Response, MedCoach, and Live nurse apps. Take note though that these applications will also be available to Android phone users in the near future.

The Live Nurse app provides basic health info while the Medcoach mobile application is a great pill reminder.

So what do you think of these devices? Is it time for a new Jitterbug phone for seniors?

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