Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emporia Telecom to Bring a Couple of New Senior Cell Phones to North America

A manufacturer of cell phones for seniors have decided to expand its business into North and Latin America. This company also announced a couple of handsets that can serve the need of seniors.

Emporia Telecom is not a big name in the US but of its phones have already been sold in the country. Do you remember the LifePhone? Well, that excellent phone was made by none other than Emporia. And the carrier has introduced a couple more phones to increase the options of the elderly.

The company has decided that the expansion will happen this Spring.

Now let us look at these new cell phones for seniors.

EmporiaCLICK: This phone sports a simple clamshell design with a piano lacquer finish and a stainless steel clasp. It has a clear and easy-to-navigate menu that allows users to quickly make a call or send messages. This phone also offers a ringtones that can be adjusted to very high volumes to help hearing impaired users. It also comes with high-powered vibration motors and a flashing LED light that warns users whenever a call is coming in.

EmproiaSolid: This handset comes with a rugged design that can take damage from being used in the workplace or outdoors. It's durable design also includes a large buttons and big fonts on its display.

Both of these handset come with a one-touch Call for Care button that allows users to automatically dials family, caregivers or emergency services when they are in need.

Here are a couple of videos that feature these phones. Unfortunately, the language is not in Englids but the clips will give you a glimpse of these handsets:

What do you think about this bit of news? Will the arrival of Emporia be beneficial to the elderly mobile phone users?

Stay tuned for more news and updates on senior cell phones and related topics.

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