Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Emporia Cell Phones for Seniors Showcased at CES 2012

Emporia recently announced that it will expand its business and bring its handsets into North and Latin America. We also looked at two of the company's new senior phones last week.

Well, these handsets were also on display at the CES 2012 event. That's right. The event is not only a place to show off the latest 4G, Android or Windows Phone devices. Simple handsets that are suited for seniors are also shown at the show.

I did a search for hands-on videos of the EmporiaCLICK and EmporiaSolid Plus at CES and managed to find some clips.

Here are a couple of videos featuring the EmporiaCLICK and EmporiaSolid Plus:

If you want to get more looks, then head over to Engadget for some hands-on images. Here are the links:

EmporiaCLICK hands-on gallery
EmporiaSOLID Plus hands-on gallery

And here are some pictures from the CES website:

Stay tuned for reviews and other related topics on these handsets. Until next week. See you for more mobile phones for seniors and other related discussions.

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