Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cheap Senior Phones: Motorola i412 from Boost Mobile

We have not posted a lot of senior phones from Boost Mobile but no one can deny that this prepaid carrier has offered a number of simple phones that can help the elderly. Let's look at one of the affordable phones from this carrier and look at the factors that make it a good device for senior citizens.

The Motorola i412, like most prepaid handsets, is suited for users who want an affordable device with all the basic features. Well, this Boost Mobile phone answers that description. It sports an unremarkable flip phone design with a rectangular look.

The i412 offers an external display that shows useful information without forcing the user to flip it open. The tiny monochrome display shows the battery life, signal strength, plus the date and time. Open the phone and you will see the bigger internal display which measures 1.79-inches. It's a bit small when compared with other elderly friendly mobile phones but there are limits when we talk about cheap devices. The display offers a resolution of 128x160 pixels and 64,000 colors. Users with weak eyesight can adjust the text size to suit their vision.

This handset is easy-to-use and is no challenge even for your grandparents. This phone comes with a basic navigation array with two soft keys, a round toggle, a menu key, and a camera button. The number keypad is also user-friendly because it provides plenty of room and separated buttons, which are raised above the surface.

The i412 is marketed as a "Walkie-Talkie Push to Talk Phone". That means that users can use it like a Walkie-Talkie and allows users to numbers and assign PTT groups.

Now let's talk about how this phone performs. The call quality for this phone is good and users generally heard conversations clearly. The speakerphone calls also had good volume and clarity. This handset has a camera but the VGA-quality results are not impressive.

Here are a video of this phone to help you see how it handles in the wild:

So do you agree that the Motorola i412 from Boost Mobile can be suited for the needs of seniors? This phone is available for a prepaid price of $69.99 and is available with the carrier's monthly unlimited, daily unlimited and pay as you go plans.

That's it for this phone. Stay tuned as we look into more cell phones for seniors and similar topics.

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