Monday, December 5, 2011

Sprint's Kyocera DuraCore: A Rugged and Simple Push-to-talk Cell Phone

Sprint's new Direct Connect network has a limited number od phones. However, this line-up promises to have a few phones that may be suitable to the needs of the elderly. For example, the Kyocera DuraCore combines rugged and simple features to form a package that might be suitable for senior users.

First let's talk about price since an affordable handset is more suited for the elderly most whom do not have a steady source of income. Sprint is offering this phone for 69.99 with a contract but some retailers like Amazon Wireless offers it for only $0.01. It's a new phone so the price may be lowered in the next few months.

Now let look at the senior-friendly features of this mobile phone. First let's look at the design. The DuraCore sports a clamshell design that has been ruggedized to meet Military Standard 810G. That means that this phone can easily take on damage from dust, shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

The body of this cell phone for seniors sports a non-slip rubber surface that makes it easier for users to hold it when making calls or sending messages. This is a good features for seniors because some of the elderly have reduced grip strength.

The display of this phone measures 2-inch QVGA TFT display with 240x320-pixel resolution. The screen is bigger than most displays sported by basic phones. It also comes with large font option for menus, which helps users with poor vision. It also comes with an external monochrome screen that displays important information such as the current time, incoming calls, and battery strength.

The keypad for this phone is also user-friendly, which is in line with its simple design. The Kyocera DuraCore has bubbly buttons for soft-key navigation. It's alphanumeric keypad buttons have good size and rise above the surface of the phone. The smooth, rounded edges allows the user to dial by feel.

The other senior-friendly features for this phone include Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free devices, bi-directional speakerphone, and hearing aid compatibility (M4/T4). This phone also supports Sprint's push-to-talk (PTT) service for quick conversations with families, and friends. it's a quick and simple way of communication that is suitable for seniors.

Here are a few videos that feature this phone:

Well, that's it for this post on a Sprint mobile phone for senior citizens. Stay tuned as we feature more phones, plans, services and related topics.

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