Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pantech Breeze: Three Generations of Mobile Phones for Seniors

For today's post we will look at a cell phone that has served seniors through three generation of models. The Pantech Breeze was the original AT&T cell phone for seniors but the carrier has already announced the third version of this phone.

The Breeze III is also a good phone for the elderly just like its predecessors so I think it would to look back at these 3 senior-friendly phones. I'll post some basic info, images, and videos of these handsets.

Let's begin with the original Breeze. This phone was a simple device that feature a clean and uncluttered design. It was easy to use since it had simplified menus, over sized display, large keypad and quick-call keys.

Here are the images and videos of the first Pantech Breeze:

Then came the Breeze II. This phone arrived in 2010 and was offered for $19.99 with a two-year contract or a full price of $170. The 2nd Pantech Breeze ple flip phone with easy-to-use features just like the original.

It did have some new features including voice-guided GPS navigation, 3G connectivity, and Bluetooth. However, it remained at that time as one of the top phones for the elderly.

Here are the images and videos for this phone:

Fianlly, we come to the Pantech Breeze III, which was launched this year. I'm not going to go into the details of this phone since it was already featured in one of my post.

It is currently available for $29.99 after mail-in rebate with a 2-year agreement. It's priced has drooped to a more senior-friendly fee after a few months. This phone offers the simple flip design enhanced with 3G data, memory card slot, and a music player. It also shipped with with Audience earSmart and improved hearing-aid compatibility rating (Hearing Aid (HAC) rating M4,T4).

Here are the images and clips of this AT&T cell phone for seniors:

That's it for this look back at the Pantech Breeze. We hope that this post brought you information on a handset for the elderly. I hope yoyu liked the videos and images we added to this post. Stay tuned for more content on cell phones for senior cityizens and related information.

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