Monday, December 19, 2011

Cell Phone Plans for the Elderly: Sprint's Basic 200

We have focused on cell phones for seniors for the past few weeks so I feel that its time for a change of pace. This day we will look at a mobile phone plan that suits the elderly to provide more variety for our readers. Hopefully, this post will be as helpful to our visitors as those that are focused on handsets.

For this post, we will look at Sprint's basic plan. This carrier does not offer a specific cell phone plan for seniors but we will see if this offering can also fit the mobile communication needs of folks who are 65 or older.

So we begin with the details of the Sprint basic plan 200.

As its name suggest, folks who subscribe to this plan will get 200 Anytime Minutes $29.99/month that can be whenever they choose. Now, to maximize the value users should use these minutes for peak weekday hours before your plan's Night and Weekend calling starts (9 pm). Those who wish to get more can pay 45ยข per additional minute.

So what other features does this plan provide. Well, this Sprint plan also offers roaming, and domestic long distance. The long distance feature can be useful for seniors who have family and friends that are living far away because it allows for coast to coast calling anywhere in the continental U.S.

This plan also include standard features such as data, and messaging. If the features seem to few to you, then you have to remember that this is an affordable plan and basic offering.

So how does it compare with other cell phone plans for seniors? Well, the other offerings by carrier are close in both pricing and features so it can certainly compete with them.

If you are searching for possible plans for a senior then this plan should be among your options. The only drawback with this pack is that it comes with a contract. It's less flexible than pre paid plans and comes with contracts and credit checks.

That's it for this Sprint mobile phone plan that can be ideal foe seniors. Stay tuned for more plans for the elderly. You can also browse our older post if you wish to see more of our featured post on senior-friendly plans. See you in a few days for another post.

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