Monday, November 14, 2011

The Simple and Affordable LG1500 from Net10

Let's look at our second phone from Net10, a company that offers prepaid cell phones and services. We featured the LG100C last August so it's about time that we blog about another phone from the same prepaid company. For this post, we will look at the LG1500.

One look at the LG1500 will tell you that it's not a recently released phone. It sports a blocky flip design and it even comes with an external antenna! This simple handsets hails from 2004 when mobile phones were designed primarily to make calls. Most of today's users will probably not give this device a second look but it can still be of value to some folks.

The elderly will be a good fit for the LG1500 because it fulfills two of their most important needs. This Net10 phone is affordable with a prepaid price of $30.00 and it's an easy-to-use phone. Let's delve deeper and look at the factors that make this device a suitable phone for senior citizens.

This handset sports an internal display that measures 1.6 inches diagonally. Yeah, it's pretty small but it comes from a time when large displays were uncommon. Luckily it has 65,000-color support and bright so it's decent. But the font size is not adjustable, which would have great for seniors with weak eyesight.

The display may not be very impressive but the keypad is quite senior-friendly. The keypad's design is clean, simple, and straightforward so even inexperienced senior cell phone users will find it easy to dial.

the simple design of the LG1500 also ensured of great performance when making calls. The external antenna resulted in solid call quality. The sound is clear and the volume is loud. The recipients of our calls have very little complaints when we tested the device.

Here's a list of the features for this cell phone for seniors from Net10:
  • MP3 ringtone support
  • speakerphone
  • external caller ID
  • WAP 2.0 with one-touch access button
  • 830 mAh Li-Ion battery

An here's a video for the folks who want to see this phone in action:

That's it for this senior mobile phone. Check this blog every week if yopu want to see more post one all things mobile phone for the elderly.

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