Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Should the Latest Hearing Aid Standards be Put in Cell Phones?

A great number of seniors are using hearing aids so I felt this issue is worthy of being posted in this blog on cell phones for the elderly. Recently, the Federal Communications Commission proposed that the latest hearing aid standards should be included in mobile phones as soon as possible.

Do you agree with this proposal? Before you answer that, let's take a closer look at this proposal.

The FCC wants cell phones to have the latest standards developed by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for hearing-aid compatibility (HAC).

The handset's with hearing-aid compatibility that are currently in the market use a standard that was developed in 2007. This standard is compatible with devices in the 800MHz to 950MHz, and 1.6GHz to 2.5GHz spectrum bands. However, this year's proposal wants to include the 700MHz band. Other frequencies that are used in modern phones to support 4G and other wireless technologies are also included in the proposal.

Apparently, the new hearing-aid compatibility (HAC) standards is designed to ensure that consumers will not experience undue radio frequency interference with devices such as hearing aids.

The commission also plans to only grant HAC certification to cell phones that meet the 2011 standard. The FCC also estimates that handset will meet the new standards within one year from the rules being published in the Federal Register.

So what do you think? Well, many senior citizens need phones with hearing-aid compatibility (HAC) so I agree with this proposal. updating the standard to the latest version will only improve cell phones for seniors who are hard of hearing.

That's it for this post. Stay tuned as we look at issues that are related to cell phones for senior citizens. Expect more posts every week from this friendly mobile phones for the elderly blog.

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