Monday, November 21, 2011

The Emporia RL1 Big-Buttoned Phone for Seniors

It's been awhile since we featured a senior phone from Emporia. This manufacturer is best known for creating the Life phone, which is one of the top cell phones for the elderly. This time we will look at the RL1, a phone that follows in the wake of other senior-friendly phones form Emporia.

The Emporia RL1 is a good mobile phone for seniors because it's a device that has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. It was built to be a phone for users who mostly want to talk and text with their phones. But that's a general description. Let's go over the facts and figures that makes this handset a good device for the elderly.

Let's begin with the display. The RL1 sports a 1.8 OLED display with 160 x 128 pixels. It's not a Retina display but it gets the job done for folks with weak eyesight. The screen has high contrast so users will easily read the information depicted on the display.

Now let's look at the body of this phone. This mobile phone for seniors comes with a light plastic body with big, chunky buttons. The buttons may look ugly but they are designed to be large so that seniors and other users can dial or compose a text message with ease. The numbers and letters printed on each button are larger than your average phone. This was intended to aid users who may have difficulty seeing small text.

The simplicity of the handset extends to its menu interface. Users will find that it has a minimalistic user interface that allows them to easily navigate the features. They can easily access the phone book, and dialer should they wish to contact a friend or family member.

The Emporia RL1 also comes with a few extra features such as the torch button which activates the bright LED flashlight on the top. It also offers a calculator, a birthday reminder, and a battery that only needs to be charged after several days.

Here are a few videos that feature the Emporia RL1:

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