Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Samsung SGH-A167 Pay-As-You-Go Phone for Senior Citizens

We've already discussed why prepaid phones are suitable for seniors so I guess its clear that the Samsung SGH-A167 can be a good buy for the elderly. This handset was offered as a pay-as-you-go phone for AT&T. But being a prepaid phone is not the only factor that makes this handset a good mobile phone for seniors. Let's take a closer look at the SGH-A167 and see why it can be a suitable product for folks who are 65 years of age and older.

The Samsung SGH-A167 is a simple phone, which makes it a good fit for the needs of the elderly in more ways than one. First, since it's a basic device, a user do not need to pay a large amount to own the phone. It doesn't come with high-end features that drive up the price so seniors with a tight budget can afford it.

Since this phone is a simple device, there are complicated features that can confused seniors who are not familiar with the latest technology. A simple device is easy-to-learn so the elderly can learn how to use the device for making calls within minutes.

This cell phone for seniors also features a design that fits with the needs of elderly users. For instance, it offers a main display with adjustable dialing font size and backlighting time. If a user feels that the menu fonts are too small then the size can be altered. The menu font color and style can also be changed according to the need of a senior user.

The senior-friendly features of this phone also extend to its navigation array and keypad. Users will find plenty of space for these buttons on this phone. However, they are a bit flush so getting use to them may take some time.
The Samsung SGH-A167 is a reliable device for users who want to use it mainly for making calls. The voices on calls sounded natural and we did not observe any interference. The speakerphone also functioned well but users should not set it at the highest levels because that tends to distort the sounds.

This cell phone for seniors also provide the following key features:
  • VGA camera
  • battery life of three hours talk time and 10.5 days standby time
  • 4MB of user accessible memory
  • 200-contact phone book
  • 10 polyphonic ringtones
  • vibrate mode, an alarm clock, and a calculator,
  • instant messaging and POP3 e-mail
  • WAP browser
That's it for this week's post. Stay tuned for more cell phones, services and plans for seniors.

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