Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mobal Freedom 15 Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

I stumbled upon a new carrier with cell phone plans for seniors as I was researching for news topics for this blog. Mobal Freedom appears to be anew company that was established only this year. Their homepage indicates that they specialize in no contract cell phone plans that adapt to a user's needs.

Is this a company that can cater to the needs of senior mobile phone users? Well, let's look at one of its cell phone plans for seniors to find out. Let's examine the Mobal Freedom 15 plan.

This plan is affordable and only charges a $9.99 monthly fee. That's a great price for the elderly but what does it provide at this price? Well, subscribers to this plan will get $15 worth of free call and text allowance. This means that one can use combinations of minutes and texts and mobile internet up to $15. Users who want to make international calls can do so for $2/minute.

To explain more clearly, one can get 40 minutes of calls (at $0.25/min) and 50 text messages (at $0.10/msg) for a total of $15. You can also choose to use the $15 for 60 minutes of calls. It's up to you to choose how you use one's minutes. I guess that's where it get the "Freedom" label.

What else are other advantages of getting the Mobal Freedom 15 plan? It offers carry over call credit is valid for 60 days. There are also no cancellation fees and roaming charges.

Mobal Freedom also offers a 60 day guarantee. Consumers who are unhappy with the company's service can get a full, quick, no-hassle refund within 60 days.

What do you think of this plan? Does it fit with your requirements? IS this offer a good mobile phone plan for seniors? I'll let you decide. You can also express what you feel in the comments.

That it's for this post on the Mobal Freedom 15. Stay tuned as we feature cell phones for seniors from this carrier and related topics.

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