Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bluetooth Headset for the Jitterbug Cell Phone for Seniors

I've posted a lot of cell phones for seniors over the past few weeks so I thought well feature something different for this post. I was browsing the GreatCall website and looked at the accessories for the Jitterbug phone. The Bluetooth headset accessory caught my eye so let's discuss it at this post. This accessory can help some seniors who want to communicate hands-free with their friends and family.

Upon closer investigation, I discovered that this device is the called the Samsung HM 1000. This Bluetooth headset for seniors is being offered at fifty bucks. Let's look at the features and capabilities of this device.

This accessory comes with the active pairing function and a Multifunction button that enables users to easily pair it with a compatible device. It can allow one to connect with another device within seconds. This is a good attribute as easy pairing is ideal for seniors who have no need for complicated steps and procedures.

The Samsung HM 1000 is also capable of connecting with two Bluetooth-enabled handsets. This is a good feature for those who have separate phones for work and play. A great feature but not one that is very useful for senior citizens.

This Bluetooth headset for the Jitterbug phone also comes with some easy-to-use features. And as we have discussed countless times in this blog, simple and easy-to-use devices are always suitable for the elderly users. For instance, the a dedicated power switch and easy-to-find volume button makes it easy to operate. It also comes with a battery-level indicator that informs the user of how much power is left on the batteries.

This accessory for mobile phones for seniors has a Talk Time of up to 7 hours and Standby Time of up to 400 hours.

That's it for this post on an accessory that can be useful for the elderly. Stay tuned for more post on accessories, services, plans, and cell phones for senior citizens.

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