Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VoiceMail for Cell Phone for Seniors

I was looking at some of the cell phone services for seniors, and I spotted the voicemail services offered by some providers. This led me to ask, is voicemail a useful service for senior citizens?

VoiceMail is a service that allows user to answer telephone calls and allow callers to leave messages when the owner is unable to take calls. It is easy to learn and simple to use service so it might be a useful service for the elderly who cannot carry a cell phone all the time.

So are there any voicemail services for the elderly? Well, the major carrier's provide voicemail services so it is available to all cell phones that support the technology. GreatCall, the company behind the Jitterbug phones also provides this service.

The GreatCall voicemail service cost $3 per month and offers:
  • unlimited voicemail calls
  • Ability to retrieve from anywhere at anytime
  • easy set up
  • no access codes to remember
This voicemail for cell phone for seniors has been made simple to make it easy for users to use the service. It's not hard to use since senior citizens can access messages without having to remember codes or passwords. It's also affordable so it's suited to the needs of the elderly.

That's it for this feature on voicemail for mobile phone for seniors. Join us again next week as we look at more phones and services for senior citizens.

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