Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Huawei M228 from MetroPCS

Huawei mobile phones are starting to make an impact on the US market so I think we should feature phones from this manufacturer to see if they are fit for seniors. MetroPCS is one of the frequent destinations of Huawei phones and also a good source of potential cell phones for seniors.

Let's take a close look at the Huawei M228 from MetroPCS. I chose this phone because of its affordable price. It is being offered for $29.00, a good price for elderly users who do not have plenty of cash to spend.

The Huawei M228 is a simple device with basic features. It sports a bar style design with a 1.8-inch screen with 128-by-160 pixels. The display is a bit small and underwhelming in terms of specs but since this is a budget phone, one can't expect too much.

The M228 offers a bit more in terms of navigation and text entry. The keypad comes with well separated, rubberized keys so it's user-friendly. The phone offers a large circular button in the middle of a larger directional pad that allows users to navigate the phone. A small set of controls and a very basic UI makes it easy for users to navigate the handset.

What other features make the Huawei M228 suitable for seniors? it is equipped with a powerful speakerphone that can even be used outdoors. It is also loud and clear so its ideal for some senior citizens who have weak hearing. It also offers a solid battery that can power the phone for up to 7 hours and 3 minutes of talk time.

Here are the rest of the features for this mobile phone for seniors:
  • tri-band CDMA (850/1700/1900 MHz)
  • VGA camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 22MB of free internal memory
  • alarm clock, calculator, calendar, stopwatch, and world clock
That's it for this cell phone for seniors. Stay tuned as we look at more devices that may fit the needs of seniors.

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