Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Simple Samsung Factor from Boost Mobile

Services and cell phones from prepaid carriers are often suitable for seniors because they are cheap and uncomplicated. Boost Mobile is one of the best prepaid carriers in the US and offers a number of devices that can help seniors such as the Samsung Factor.

The Samsung Factor SPH-m260 is a simple device that is designed to be an affordable option for mobile consumers. It arrived into the market with a price tag of $49.99 without a contract. This cheap price makes it a good handset for seniors who often do not have a steady source of income.

The design of this handset also favors senior users. For instance, it sports a 2-inch TFT internal display with a 128-by-160-pixel QQVGA resolution and support for 262,000 colors. It's not very large but it offers adjustable backlight time and brightness so for users with weak eyesight. It also offers a 1.2-inch CSTN external display that supports 65,000 colors and shows important information such as the date and time, battery life and signal strength.

This mobile phone for senior citizens also offers a user-friendly menu, navigation buttons and keypad. The buttons on the keypad are coated with a rubberized texture gives them a comfortable and responsive feel. Dialing and composing text messages is fast and easy since the buttons are raised above the surface and slightly domed in the center.

The keypad also offers another feature that makes it easier for folks with weak eyesight to dial or compose a message. The Factor produces a different sound with each key press so dialing by feel is easy since one does not need to look at the keypad.

Other useful features offered by this senior-friendly handset include customized ringtones, address book, Bluetooth headsets, an alarm, a calendar, a calculator, a memo pad, a voice recorder, voice commands and a VGA camera.

That's for this Samsung Factor feature. Consider this handset if you are looking for a budget smartphone from a prepaid carrier.

Just us again next week as we look at more cell phones for seniors and other related topics.

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Blogger DenverLightm said...

I can understand how wireless providers subsidize their phones to make them more affordable to people, and to lure them into getting either a contract, or making them dependent on a particular number. I'm trying to compare tracfone's svc samsung phone to other mobile phones that have the senior in mind, and the one thing that sticks out at me, is the actual cost of the handset. This particular samsung seems as basic as the T155, but retails for three times the amount. And that's just this phone. You get even more basic phones, and it seems the more basic the phone, the more expensive - surely this can't be right.

June 25, 2011 at 4:30 PM  

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