Monday, June 6, 2011

Senior Cell Phone Accessories: The CE50 HearItMobile

I was checking out the Clarity website when I came upon a new accessories for senior-friendly cell phones. If you remember, Clarity is currently offering the Lifephone, one of the top cell phones for seniors.

But were not going to talk about the Lifephone because we're going to feature the CE50 HearItMobile and see if it's a good accessory for senior mobile phones.

The CE50 HearItMobile is a "Bluetooth Mobile Phone Neckloop Amplifier." In simple terms it's an accessory that help hearing aid users that want hands-free cell phone use. This useful gadget amplifies incoming sounds directly from cell phone into hearing aid.

A large number of seniors use hearing aids so I'm sure that some of them would like to have this accessory.

But what about the other features? Well, the CE50 HearItMobile also features “One-Touch” technology to quickly answer or end calls. It also comes with a quick release” feature for easy and safe use. Other notable features include a 3.5mm headphone jack and a rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 14 hours.

So is the CE50 HearItMobile an ideal accessory for seniors? well, it is a solid device with a lot of features but it's missing a vital characteristic. It is being sold for $199.00 which is a very steep price for an accessory. It's probably worth that price but its an amount that only a few seniors can afford.

That's it for this post stay tuned for more mobile phones for seniors and related topics.

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