Monday, June 13, 2011

Samsung Chrono from Cricket and US Cellular

In the age of powerful smartphones, it's a good thing that carriers still find the time to release simple cell phones that can help senior citizens. For instance, the new Samsung Chrono from Cricket and US Cellular allows users to have mobile communication at a time where every gadget is full of features and the latest technology.

Let's look at this basic handset and see how it can benefit the elderly.

The Samsung Chrono sports a simple clamshell design with a flat top and squared edges. It has a thick, sturdy hinge which gives it some durability. A durable phone is important for seniors, since they can't afford to replace broken handsets every month.

This cell phone for seniors sports a 2-inch TFT main display with a QVGA (320x240 pixels) resolution. Users can adjust the font size, the backlight times, contrast, and theme to make viewing the text and graphics easier for user with weak eyesight. It also sports an external 1.7-inch CSTN display, which shows a number of important information including battery meter, signal strength, the date, and time.

The software on this handset is easy to navigate plus the soft keys, four-way navigation toggle and central OK button also make navigation simple. The keypad is also user-friendly with keys that are fully separated and easy to press.

The Samsung Chrono do not offer a wealth of features but the ones that come with it can help senior users. Other helpful features for this cell phones for seniors include an address book that can hold 1,000 entries, e-mail, group calling, a photo ID, and dozen ringtones. It can also send text and picture messages, and works with Bluetooth accessories.

This handset is affordable and can fit the budget of seniors. US Cellular is offering it for a penny when purchased with an agreement or $19.99 for pre-paid. Cricket is offering this cell phone for $59.99.

That's it for this quick look at a new mobile phone for seniors. Stay tuned as we feature more phones, accessories and plans for seniors.

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