Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Jitterbug Medication Reminders Service

Here's another Jitterbug service that can be helpful for senior citizens. The Jitterbug Medication Reminders service helps the elderly to stay up-to-date and on schedule with their prescription schedule.

This service is similar to the Auto-Med iPhone App. However, this isn't an application but a service that calls users to keep them on track of their prescription schedule.

I think it's a helpful service since serous complications can arise when seniors forget to take their medications or confuse dosage and administration times.

The senor-friendly Jitterbug Medication Reminders service costs $10 per month.

A loved one can enter in the senior's medications exactly as prescribed by a doctor. Then an automated system will call the user to remind them to take medication at the appropriate times.

The Jitterbug website also provides a way for senior users to track their adherence to your schedule.

That's it. Another good service from the manufacturer of one of the best mobile phone for seniors in the business and the provider of the award-winning Live Nurse service.

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