Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Donating Mobile Phones for the Elderly

Early this year I wrote about recycling mobile phones for donation to senior citizens. After several minutes of surfing the web I came across a few projects tha aim to provide emergency mobile phones to senior citizens. I decided to dedicate another post to this worthy cause and raise awareness for the needs of the elderly.

Millions of mobile phones are produced each year. However, this booming industry also results in old mobile phones. Out dated handsets often end up in the trash or to recycling programs. Seniors are perfect recipients of old or out dated handsets since they do not demand a lot from a phone. The simpler the better. These senior friendly mobile phones are mainly used for emergencies and provide a sense of freedom and security.

Here are a few organizations and websites that provide mobile phone for seniors. They also cater to the needs of disabled, battered women's shelters and others.

One can really make a difference by donating a mobile phone for seniors, charity and other organizations. You can help to eliminate waste and help seniors at the same times.

That's it for this post. Tune in for more news, info, phones and services for the elderly.

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