Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clarity: Amplifying the Lives of Senior Citizens

Here's another company that devotes itself to providing services and devices to senior citizens. I have featured one of their products in this blog, the aptly named Life Phone. Now let's dig deeper into Clarity and its services for the elderly.

Clarity's goal is to provide a suite of services to help seniors contend with the new challenges posed by technology and allow the elderly to maintain independence in their latter years.

What kind of services does Clarity offer? Well, it sells one of the best mobile phone for seniors.The Clarity Life Phone is one of the best options for the elderly.

This company also sells other senior-friendly products including:

Amplified Corded Phones
Amplified Cordless Phones
Telephone Amplifiers
TV Amplification Devices
Assistive Listening Devices
Telephone Ringers
Voice Carry Over Phones
Big Button/Low Vision Phones
Notification Systems
TTYs and VCOs
Alarm Clocks

Clarity also offers a service called ClarityLogic that personalizes the phone uniquely for the customer.

That's it for this company that offers services for seniors. Stay tuned for more news, updates and mobile phones for the elderly.

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