Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Senior-Friendly Phone: The Sturdy Motorola i365

More than two years ago, I made a post about the Motorola i335. Well, here's another phone in the same mold, the Motorola i365. This phone is actually the update to the i335. Well, you might say that the i365 has a more modern look but the fact remains that both phones are durable and very easy to use.

Let's take a closer look at the Motorola i365 and its senior-friendly features.

The Motorola i365 is quite a large phone which is good for the elderly in one sense because it's not overly thin and fragile. However, it size can also bother people especially senior citizens who want a more portable device.

This mobile phone for seniors sports a relatively small display at 1.62 inches, 130x130 pixels. Fortunately, the colors are sharp and the users can change the backlight time and the font size.

The Motorola i365 shines as a mobile phone for seniors because it has a nice keypad with a spacious layout and pleasantly tactile controls. The buttons have a rubberized covering and give a distinct "push" feeling when pressed.

As previously mentioned, this mobile phone for the elderly is easy to use. The menu is the standard, multipage Nextel design which is easy to use and simple.

The Motorola i365 comes with a sturdy or rugged design that can take a pounding.

Tha's it for tis new moble for senior citizens. Tune in as we feature more phones and bring you the related news.

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