Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Emporia LifePlus Cell Phone for Seniors

The Emporia Life Phone was one of the best mobile phone for senior citizens. It was one of the hottest phones worldwide at least in the senior market. However, the manufacturers have decided to create a second generation device with improvements. The Emporia LifePlus hopes to continue the success of its predecessor by offering great benefits to the elderly.

Let's look at the details of the new Emporia LifePlus.

This new cell phone for seniors feature new enhancements that improve the original design of the original handset. Of course, the overall design was retained since it was very successful and has garnered more than a few awards. This means that the phone sill offered the proven senior-friendly phone features such as the large display, over sized buttons as well as the extra loud volume and tones.

The built-in, large red emergency button designed for use in emergencies is also included in this handset's overall design. This useful feature allows users to dial a number (up to 5 emergency numbers) automatically after one press of a key.
The new feature and enhancements found on the Emporia LifePlus include the easy operation slide- switches which can control all of the important functions. This new feature makes it easier to use the phone. The designers also included a new hands-free function.

This phone is also ideal for senior citizens because its simple and easy to use. So simple that one does not need a user manual to use it.

That's it for this new mobile phone for the elderly. Visit weekly (or everyday:)) for more senior-friendly cell phones and related topics.

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