Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Amplicom PT M6000 Big Button Cell Phone for Seniors

Here's another big button mobile phone for senior citizens. I previously featured a senior-friendly Amplicom phone in this blog called the M5000. Well, this time let's look at its sibling the PT M6000 and see if it can fit the needs of the elderly.

The Amplicom PT M6000 really lives up to its billing as a big button mobile phone. Well, as you can see the handset do offer a large set of buttons that matches the needs of the elderly. Like all cell phones for senior citizens, it's built to be simple and user-friendly.

The PT M6000 is a bit more modern than the M5000. It features a 2 inch color display as oppose to the black and white display of its predecessor. The colors on the display makes it more friendly to users with weak eyesight.

This mobile phone for seniors as features Amplified volume Ringer volume (up to 100 dB), increased handset volume (up to 30 dB) and hearing-aid compatibility (M4 / T4). This qualities makes it a good device for seniors with weak sense of hearing.

The Amplicom PT M6000 also provides a dedicated emergency call button that dials up to 5 numbers that can save a life should the user need emergency assistance.

Here are the rest of the info for this handset:
  • Fully Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Large easy to read numbers
  • Bright visual call indication
  • Send and receive SMS
  • Vibration Alarm
  • 3 Short dial numbers - M1, M2, M3
  • 500 name and number phone book
  • Automatic keypad lock
  • Handsfree function
That's it for this new cell phone for the elderly. Join us every week as we deliver the latest in news and mobile phones for senior citizens.

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