Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Senior Friendly Kyocera S1300 Prepaid Phone

Here's a basic phone that might be ideal for senior users. This handset is available from prepaid carrier's in the US. Let's take closer look at the simple and easy-to-use Kyocera S1300.

The Kyocera S1300 exudes simplicity from its hardware down to its software, features and interface. It's very easy touse and come with a few features tha can be useful to senior users. However, a closer look indicates that this cell phone for seniors have a few weaknesses.

This simple prepaid handset sports a relatively small display by today's standards. The S1300 has a 1.8-inch display that supports just 65,000 colors (160x128 pixels). The low resolution produces means that graphics aren't very sharp and muted colors. However, senior citizens can adjust the display's brightness, contrast, and backlighting time to make it more suitable for weak eyes.

This cell phone for seniors offer a good keypad. The buttons are large and are raised above the surface of the phone. They are also backlit for dialing in the dark so they are quite user-friendly.

The menu for this mobile phone for senior citizens a very simple menu which is ideal for users who want a handset that specializes in calling. Other friendly features include a speakerphone with dedicated key.

The senior-friendly Kyocera S1300 is available from MetroPCS and Virgin mobile. Best Buy is selling this handset for as low as $15.

That's it for this simple cell phone for seniors. Visit again to get your weekly dose of news and new mobile phones for the elderly.

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