Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Sagem Cosyphone for Senior Citizens

Sagem Wireless, a cell phone manufacturer introduced a mobile phone for the 50's market earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device is called the Cosyphone and is designed to cater to the needs of consumers who are 50 and older.

Let's take a closer look a this new cell phone for senior citizens.

The Sagem Cosyphone combines a simple yet elegant design and easy-to-navigate user interface with the latest technology innovations. Somehow, this resulted in a device that can answer the specific lifestyle needs of an older generation of mobile phone user.

One of the key features of this mobile phone for seniors is a technology called NFC or near-field communications. This technology allows users to access the features of the device without scrolling through menus.

This senior friendly cell phones sports an elegant yet simple design. It sports a large keypad with raised and separated number keys. The width of the key surface area makes text input and dialling easy. The buttons are also rounded on the top which provides better tactile awareness. The Sagem Cosyphone also features micro-vibration feedback which gives the user assurance they have pressed the right key.

This cell phone for seniors also sports a large color display. The fonts are very legible in various lighting conditions so users with weak eyesight need not worry.

The availability and pricing information for the Sagem Cosyphone was not revealed but it is expected to be sold through operators.

That's it for this new cell phone for the elderly. Stay tuned for more senior-friendly mobile phones and related news.

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