Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LG LX 150: A Quality Basic Cellphone for Seniors

Are you ready for another ideal phone for your grand parents. I surfed a bit to find a simple phone that would suit the needs of senior citizens and came across the LG LX150.

This simple handset is the predecessor of the LG Flare, one of the phones I blogged about in the first few months after the creation of this site. Let's delve into the qualities of cell phone and see if it's equal to the Flare in being useful to the elderly.

The LG LX150 fits the definition of a basic phone. Now that doesn't mean that it's outdated. This handset offers a good set of features for a simple phone. It's great for calls and text messages but also offers modern features like Bluetooth and a full duplex speakerphone.

Users will like the design of this cellphone for senior citizens. It sports a clamshell design with dual displays. The external screen is monochrome but that makes essential information visible even when the user disables the screen’s backlight. The main screen is 1.75 inches in size with 262,000 hues. Users can change the backlight time and the font size to make the information on the display suitable to the often weak eyes of senior users.

The keypad on this mobile phone marks it as a good cell phone for seniors. The LG LX150 provides tactile dialing via buttons that are raised ever so slightly above the surface of the key pad. The users will also find dialing by feel easy with this phone because of the central column and good backlighting.

Test show that this phone performs well when making calls and when performing basic tasks. However, the performance of its speakerphone has been described as mediocre.

That's it for this short preview on the LG LX150 as a mobile phone for seniors. Keep on visiting this blog to obtain useful information on handsets for the elderly.

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