Thursday, September 10, 2009

The New Samsung M240 Phone for Seniors

I was looking at some newly introduced phones when I saw a device that might be suitable for elderly users. The device was described as a basic phone and simple handsets are good candidates to be mobile phones for senior citizens so I was interested. Let us look at the Samsung M240 from Sprint and see if it can be a good device for our grandparents.

The Samsung M240 was launched recently but it does not appear to belong in 2009. It looks like a phone that should have been launched 5 years ago. Simply put, it cannot compete with most of the phones in the market when it comes to features. It is a simple phone with basic features and it lacks a camera.

However, being simple is an asset for a cell phone for seniors. Since it's a basic phone anybody can use it. Even seniors who are not tech-savvy. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how to make calls or send messages using this phone.

Unfortunately, the Samsung M240 appears to have a small display. It's adequate for a normal user but it may not be the best display for a senior.

The Samsung M240 cellphone for seniors shine when it comes to the keyboard. It sports a large keypad with big buttons that allows a user to easily dial a number or compose a text message. They are large enough that even users with poor eyesight will have no trouble distinguishing one key from another.

This new cell phone for seniors is also affordable so it can fit a senior citizen's limited budget. Sprint is currently selling the Samsung M240 mobile phone for seniors for a cheap price of $20 after rebate with new agreement.

So is the Samsung M240 a good cell phone for seniors? Well, it has three things going for it. This mobile phone has a good keypad, a cheap price and simple features. I feel that it will be good mobile phone for senor users.

That's it for this post on a new handset for elderly users. Tune in to this blog for more phones and services for senior citizens.

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