Thursday, August 27, 2009

Verizon Wireless Now Offering Jitterbug Phones and Services

I have previously blogged about Verizon's cell phone plan for seniors. Now the major mobile phone carrier has snagged one of the most powerful force in the cellphone for seniors industry.

Great Call and Verizon Wireless have announced that Jitterbug phones and services will now be available in America's most reliable wireless network. This means that the popular mobile phone for seniors and plans are part of the carrier's open development program.

The Verizon Wireless open development program aims to encourage innovation, provide new wireless choices, and expand the wireless market. The addition of Jitterbug phones and services fits snugly into the goals of this program.

But the question remains, what do this mean for senior wireless users. Well, this partnership provides a lot of benefits. Here are the top three:
  • Users of cell phones for seniors will now be able to gain the security and confidence of making calls on the most reliable wireless network in the US.
  • Jitterbug monthly services will now offer more minutes.
  • Night and weekend calling will become more affordable.
It certainly appears that Verizon is will to invests billions of dollars to extend its network reliability lead over other wireless providers. With Jitterbug phones and services now part of its line-up, the carrier now owns a major part of the thee senior market.

Verizon now has capable phones that can match up with the senior handsets on other carriers. For instance, AT&T is offering the Pantech Breeze as a cellphone for senior. However, with the Jitterbug phone and a special mobile phone plan for the elderly, Verizon Wireless has a distinct advantage.

That's it for this post on the Jitterbug phone and services on Verizon Wireless. Keep on keeping tabs on this cell phone for senior citizens blog to get the latest news and updates on handsets for the elderly.

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