Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nokia 6085: another Good Handset for Seniors

I found another cellphone for seniors when I surfed on the web today. This time this handset was manufactured by Nokia a company that has made its mark on the mobile phone industry by offering easy to use handsets. It's not surprising that Nokia phones have the potential to be suited for needs of the elderly.

The phone is the Nokia 6085 and it has many of the attributes that would make it a suitable mobile phone for senior citizens. This mobile phone was design to be release on the mass market and is not an elite or fashion phone. This also means that the Nokia 6085 offers a down to earth or simple design that makes it a good choice for seniors. Let's break down the attributes that makes it a good mobile phone for seniors.

Mobile phone reviewers have noted that this device offers good call quality making it suitable for seniors or any customer. Call quality is an essential attribute for any cell phone for seniors because the elderly use handsets primarily to make phone calls. They don't need phones that offer Mobile TV or other high-end features. They need a device that would help them make clear calls to their friends and family.

The Nokia 6085's 1.8-inch (128x160 pixels) internal display is subpar. The graphics and photos were grainy and the colors were dim. These description does not really help seniors who normally weak eyes. However, the handset makes up for it by offering simple and user friendly menus. No frills and basic menus are ideal for seniors who will have a hard time dealing with sophisticated menus. The fonts on the display can also be altered to help senior users to see the information displayed on the phone.

The navigation array and keypad on the Nokia 6085 are well-designed for use by senior users because they are easy to use. The keys are large and spaced far apart from each other. Seniors who use this phone will have no problem in dialing the number of friends and family or to navigate the menus.

The Nokia 6085 is often categories as a camera phone but its VGA built-in camera is not one of it's strong points. The camera features aren't too extensive and picture quality was strictly average. However, a camera is not a priority in choosing a cellphone for seniors so the 6085 is one of the best choices for senior citizen users. Tune in for more mobile phone seniors in my next posts.

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