Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mobile Speak: a Software Designed for Cell Phones for Seniors

In my last post I described AT&T efforts to reach senior cell phone users through mobile phones and services. One of the ways the company reached out to elderly companies was through the adaptation of the Universal Design. This led to the creation of good cell phones for seniors as well as other products and applications that can be beneficial to senior citizens.

One of these products senior-friendly products is called Mobile Speak. I hope to tackle this feature and see how it can help the elderly to use cellphones for seniors and other mobile phone related products.

Mobile Speak is a software designed to enhance the functionality of some of AT&T's most popular wireless devices for users with who are blind or have low vision. This type of softwares will obviously benefit seniors because elderly people have poor vision and some have unfortunately lost them due to sickness or old age.

AT&T's Mobile Speak is a powerful full-fledged screen reader that offers an easy-to-learn command structure. This software also offers intuitive speech feedback in several languages, and Braille support that can be used with or without speech.

This special screen reader for mobile phones for seniors automatically detects information that the blind user should know in a similar way a user with full sight would easily find highlighted items or key areas of the screen at a glance.

Mobile Speak supports these applications and functions:
  • Speed dial, call lists and contacts
  • Text messaging
  • Calendar, tasks, notes, and calculator
  • Internet browser
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Voice Recorder, Media Player, voice speed dial and voice command
  • Phone/device settings, profiles, alarms, and ringtones

These are the curently supported devices which can be good mobile phones for seniors:
  • Cingular 3125
  • Nokia N75
  • Nokia E62
  • Samsung Blackjack (with Windows Mobile version 5)
  • Pantech Duo

There is no doubt that this software can enhance any mobile device that is designed for senior citizens. The ability to make it easier for seniors to read information is a key attribute for any cell phone for seniors. I will feature more softwares and services that are meant for seniors in my next posts.

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