Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Mobile Phone Plan for Seniors from AT&T

After featuring wireless phones for seniors in this blog, I felt it's time for a bit of variety. So I decided to post about another mobile phone plan for senior citizens. A few weeks ago, I already posted about Verizon's Nationwide 65 Plus wireless plan for senior citizens. Now I'll blog about AT&T's version.

AT&T launched the Senior Nation 200 plan soon after Verizon released a special plan for the elderly. This was a logical plan for AT&T because allowing Verizon to run a monopoly on the senior wireless plan market might be a mistake. Both of these carriers are on top of the mobile phone service industry so it's not unusual for them to mirror each others programs.

AT&T's Senior Nation 200 Plan is designed to a offer cost-effective solution for seniors who want to stay in touch with friends and family. It offers a special price of $29.99 a month for the elderly. 200 00 Anytime Minutes, 500 Night & Weekend Minutes and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling are included in this special plan.

Like most plans from AT&T, this plan offers no roaming or long distance fees. Elderly consumers will get three-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, and basic voice mail as included features in this plan. Senior customers are required to pay a one time $36.00 activation fee, and may pay an extra $.45 per minute for additional minutes. They also have to agree to a two-year contract commitment and present proof that are 65 years old or older.

Andy Wilson, AT&T's vice president of wireless consumer marketing made this comment regarding this special mobile phone plan, "AT&T provides service plans that focus on customer value, competitive pricing and convenient ways of keeping in touch. A voice package designed specifically for seniors helps make friends and loved ones across the country seem closer."

Compared to Verizon's mobile phone plan for seniors, AT&T's version is pretty much similar. They both offer 200 minutes for the about the same price. The features and benefits are also similar. I guess the choice boils down to the network's reliability or to your preference. Overall, it seems to me that AT&T's Senior Nation 200 plan is a great and benefificial cell phone plan for seniors.

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