Monday, March 3, 2008

The Simple but Durable Motorola i335

If you want to purchase a mobile phone for a senior, then you would probably be looking a simple model. After all, people who are sixty five years and older are not usually concerned with the camera or other fancy features when they need a mobile phones. The best cell phones for seniors are simple and user friendly.

The Motorola i335 is a good cellphone for seniors because it is simple, easy to use and durable. It lacks the high technology features that are trumpeted in the latest handsets, but it makes up for it in many ways. Let me discuss the attributes that makes it a suitable cellphone for seniors.

Let us begin with the design. The Motorola i335 has a practical and simple design. It's in the form of a candy bar and is sturdy enough to withstand beatings. This is a device that can still function even if it has been dropped a few times. This attribute is certainly appropriate for use by seniors. The elderly do not have a lot of strength so they are prone to dropping objects.

This device has been described as durable but that does not mean that it's bulky. Compared to earlier models, this cellphone for seniors is thinner with dimensions of 4.7 inches by 1.8 inches by 0.5 inch. However, it has been criticized for being a bit tall or long. Nevertheless, that does not make it a bad phone for old folks because it makes the device easier to hold.

Let us now move on and discuss the display and keypad of this device. Unfortunately, the Motorola i335 does not have a large display that is suitable for the elderly. The display is only about one and a half inches and the resolution is also low. Fortunately, the text or font size can be changed so that seniors can see the information more clearly.

Seniors will love the keypad of the Motorola i335 because of the rubbery, soft-touch material that coats it. The coating makes the it very tactile and user-friendly which are great attributes in a cell phone for seniors. Old folks will not misdial a number very often with this handset because the buttons have good separation.

Seniors who have weak eyes will also find it easy to dial a number with this cellphone for senior citizens. You see, the Motorola i335 has a bright backlight and the numbers on the keys are large. Your grandparents will have little problem dialing numbers in the dark with this wireless device.

Those are just the great attributes that make this phone very useful for old folks. The Motorola i335 is a simple phone that is user friendly, and durable. I'm sure there are other characteristics that makes it a good cell phone for seniors but I'll leave it to you to discover them. After all, the best way to test a phone is to use it. Tune in to this blog for more mobile phones for old folks.

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