Monday, March 31, 2008

Sanyo SCP 7050: Built Like a Brick

I've found another candidate for a great cell phone for seniors. The Sanyo SCP 7050 is described as a basic phone that is rugged and durable. Basic phones are usually suitable for elderly persons because they are easy to use and they don't have complex and confusing features. However, the 7050 is more than just a basic phone because it has other attributes that makes it a useful mobile phone for senior citizens. let's explore those characteristics.

The Sanyo SCP 7050 is known as a very durable phone. It has military specs and can reliably resist vibration, dust, and shock. One user described this handset as built like a brick. But why would being so durable benefit seniors? Well, seniors usually have weak hands so they are prone to dropping objects. With its durability and resistance to shock, the 7050 can remain usable even when it has been dropped several times.

One of the factors that makes this device durable is the coating that covers it. The Sanyo 7050 is designed for durability so it is clad in a non-slip, rubberized material. Seniors will be able to grip the phone easily and they will be less apt to drop it. this device can withstand being dropped but it would still be best if it wasn't dropped at all.

The Sanyo SCP 7050 also has a large QVGA display . The 2.0-inch diagonal internal display found on the device is larger than those normally found on basic phones. The display has a resolution 240x320 pixes and can display 265,000 colors, so seniors will be able to read the screen without much difficulty. The phone also features a modern 1.0-inch diagonal monochrome external display that offers information on battery life, caller id and signal strength.

The best cellphones for seniors also features large keys for easy use. The 7050's keys are big enough to be suitable for the elderly. It's navigation and alphanumeric keys have a bubble like texture so seniors can navigate the phone easily and dial numbers by feel. seniors with poor vision will also find the pleasant blue backlight very helpful.

This handset also offers some features like text and picture messaging, voice messaging, voice-activated dialing, e-mail, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, an alarm clock, built-in GPS, and support for Sprint's Ready Link push-to-talk service. It lacks a camera but it also offers games for entertainment.

Sanyo's SCP 7050 has qualities that make it a good cell phone for seniors. However, like all handsets, this device has its share of weakness. For example, I have read several complaints about the speaker phones on this device. A consumer posted that the while on speaker phone the device must be very near the speaker or communication will be very difficult.

I also observed that the Sanyo SCP 7050 is more expensive than most basic cell phones. The durability of the device as well as the modern features probably justify the price. However, the price is an important factor in judging if a device is a suitable mobile phone for seniors. Senior consumers do not usually use their devices a lot and often use them for emergencies so paying a high price for a seldom used device may not be a good idea.

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