Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Motorola i760: A Good Choice for Seniors

After spending a few minutes surfing in cyberspace for mobile phones that are suitable for the elderly, I found another candidate. The Motorola i760 is described as a basic phone that has good qualities that makes it a solid cell phone for seniors. Let me discuss the attributes that makes this device a good choice for senior citizens.

When I saw pictures of the Motorola i760, the first thing I noticed was the handset's big display. The size of the display is one of the important elements that can be found in good cell phones for seniors. Old folks usually have poor eyesight so a large display would make reading the information on the device easier. Thus this device offers a display that is suited for the weak eyes of the elderly.

I also read some reviews from customer who have experience with using the phone and I noticed that they were very satisfied with the keypad. The keypad is also a vital element in choosing cellphones for seniors. A device with small buttons that are placed close together will make it difficult for an old person to dial numbers or compose a text message. The Motorola i760 has large buttons which are separated well from each other so senior citizens will have no problem dialing numbers when using the phone.

Users also praised this device because of the high earset volume, and good sound quality. These attributes also make this handset a good choice as a mobile phone for seniors. Our hearing usually degrade when we grow old, so a device that has good volume and sound quality can allow seniors to communicate well with their families.

The Motorola i760 also has features that make it a good choice for seniors. For instance, it supports Push-to-talk (PTT). This technology allows the user to instantly talk to other people owning a PTT phone on the same network. With a simple push of a button, the user can make a call. This eliminates the need for old folks to push several keys in order to make a call.

However, there are also some negative attributes associated with this phone. Those who have used the device complained that it has an unsatisfactory battery life and do not have many of the features that are found in most mobile phones. Nevertheless, the Motorola i760 has several attributes that make it a solid cell phone for seniors.

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