Thursday, February 28, 2008

Senior Citizens and Mobile Phones

A blog about mobile phones for oldies? We usually associate these devices with young people who like to have the latest gadgets, so making a blog devoted to cellphones for senior citizens may not seem sensible. Mobile phones only became very popular in the last several years so we don't usually see them in the hands of older persons.

However, I think publishing a blog about wireless phones for seniors makes sense. One reason for this is that people aged fifty or older are just as likely to have cell phones as younger people. Senior citizens also use these modern devices as a communication tool for security and emergency purposes. Of course, grandparents also rely on cell phones to keep in touch with their friends, relatives, children and grandchildren.

Some mobile phone companies and carriers have also recognized that old folks may also need these devices so they manufacture mobile phones that are designed for seniors. These cellphones usually have large keypads and displays that are suitable for senior citizens.

Let me give you an example. A Japanese mobile phone company designed the Raku-raku (easy-easy) cell phones that are suitable for seniors. These phones can slow down the caller’s voice to make it easier for older adults who are hard of hearing to converse with a caller. These phones also have a specially designed panic button that allows seniors to call for help in emergencies.

There also some mobile phone plans that cater to senior wireless customers. These mobile phone plans offer discounts and features that fit the lifestyle of older customers. However, these special mobile phone plans for old folks require proof of age before any customer can enjoy the benefits they offer.

I'll discuss the details of these devices and mobile phone plans for seniors in my next posts. I think this post will do as an introduction. I hope that this blog can provide useful information on cell phone for seniors.

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